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Deep Silver Joins the Family, With 'Risen' Special


Deep Silver Joins the Family, With 'Risen' Special

GOG supposedly stands for ‘good old games’, but honestly I’ve always called it ‘good old GOG’. The ‘GOG’ in that one also stands for ‘good old GOG’. It goes on forever. It’s GOGs all the way down.

But what is GOG? If you’re a PC gamer, you probably already know – it’s a online marketplace for DRM-free and often absurdly cheap games. Well today Deep Silver of Dead IslandMetro and Saints Row IV fame have partnered up with the site, and to get the ball rolling have thrown the original Risen up for sale, for a meagre $3.99 (60% off). Not bad.

The deal lasts 48 hours, until the morning of April 5, so best to go grab it ASAP.

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