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Deadlight Goes Free For Xbox Live Gold Members


Deadlight Goes Free For Xbox Live Gold Members

Yes, I know it is not as extensive, exciting, or useful as the PlayStation Plus system of giving you free games, but damn it, free games are free games. And to that end, I still highly anticipate the news about the next game going up under the Xbox 360 “Games for Gold” promotion. Especially when they give me awesome stuff like Hitman Absolution for free. However, I do not get especially excited when the game coming up is something I’ve already played and been disappointed in.

That is the case for the second half of April, as the game up for free until the beginning of May is Deadlight, a zombie action/platformer that is loaded with fantastic visuals and excellent music, but quickly grows into a slog when it comes to gameplay. That said, free shit is free shit, and perhaps I will think differently of Deadlight this time around and perhaps you will come to a different conclusion than I. Different strokes for different folks and all that, which should be enough reason for you to give it a shot at the least.

You can grab Deadlight for free on Xbox Live, if you are a Gold member, from now until May 1.

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