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Daylight Gets Release Date, Trailer, Lower Price For PS+


Daylight Gets Release Date, Trailer, Lower Price For PS+

Zombie Studio’s Daylight, a first person survival horror game (though its far closer to Outlast, thus putting it closer to “haunted house” than survival horror), has long been overdue for some attention in my book. Looking slick and doing the right thing in terms of treating the supernatural like the supernatural rather than some bullshit scientific explanation for everything, the only thing Daylight been missing is a release date.

But not anymore; publisher Atlas announced that Daylight will be coming to PS4 and PC on April 29th, and along with it came a brief trailer, titled “Somebody’s Watching.

Chalking up the delay to the procedurally generated nature of the game and making the scares land differently for every player, Atlas also announced that for the first two weeks of release, Daylight will be getting a price knock down to $9.99 from $15.00 for PlayStation Plus members and for those who pre-order the game on PC.

You can visit the trailer on Youtube here, and pre-order Daylight on PC right here.

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