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Curse of Naxxramas: Hearthstone Single Player Adventure Mode Announced


Curse of Naxxramas: Hearthstone Single Player Adventure Mode Announced

Are you addicted to Hearthstone? Yes? Good! Read on. If you’re not addicted to Hearthstone, then prepare to be, because Blizzard has just announced Curse of Naxxramas, a single player adventure mode for everyone’s favorite Warcraft-themed, online card game.

Players will battle through the 5 wings of the Naxxramas, an ancient dungeon filled with old favorites like the horror-stuffed Patchwerk, the cuddly arachnid Maexxna, and fungal beast Loatheb. By overcoming the trials of Naxxramus, you’ll be gaining cards for your Hearthstone deck. 30 new cards wait to be uncovered in the depths of the necropolis, including a Legendary card awarded upon completion of a wing.

Hearthstone boss

Heigan the Unclean is just one of the hygienically challenged bosses you’ll face.

This single-player adventure will have a unique game board, which means all new interactive corners to rustle through in your down-time. If that’s not enough content to make your Hearth-hands quiver, nine Class Challenges also face Naxxramas heroes. Wield your class’s unique powers to overcome specific challenges, and you’ll be rewarded with new class-specific cards.

curse of naxxramas

The wings of Naxxramus will be released individually over a 5 week period, the first being The Arachnid Quarter. This portion will be free for all Hearthstone players, and further wings will require an in-game gold or real money purchase. Curse of Naxxramus has no release date yet, but it will be available on PC, Mac and iPad.

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