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Check out Skywind's Progress in Latest Development Video!


Check out Skywind's Progress in Latest Development Video!

A few months back, I wrote about Skywind and how excited I am for it. Recently re-branded as The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project, or TESRenewal, the dream is to bring Morrowind to the Skyrim engine.

Dozens of unbelievably talented modders are working tirelessly to recreate Vvardenfell, down to the last silt strider. You can check out their progress in the development video above! And in case you missed it, you can watch the first development video here.


In the latest video we learn some of the amazing things the team is working on. First off, they’ve implemented crafting, so like in Skyrim you can forge weapons/armor/jewelry or cook. And they’ve added “tailoring,” which allows you to craft and dye clothing items.

They’ve also begun voicing dialogue (which was absent in Morrowind save for a few generic lines). A team of 30 dedicated voice actors have already recorded thousands of lines, but they are still seeking volunteers with “the talent and proper equipment.”


In addition, over 2 hours of original music has been composed for Skywind. While the ambient music in Morrowind is awesome, there just simply isn’t enough of it. Amazingly, the composers have managed to retain the “feel” of Jeremy Soule’s original compositions.

I knew the project was ambitious, but I don’t think I quite understood just how much work it involves. Think of all the people necessary for developing a AAA title: concept artists, landscapers, 3D modelers, music composers, script writers, weapons/armor designers, quest implementation, coding specialists, voice actors, the list goes on and on.


Now imagine doing all that and not getting paid. The team behind Skywind is composed entirely of volunteers. They’re doing this for the love of the game, which is pretty freakin’ rad.

TESRenewal are always in search of volunteers, be it voice actors or 3D artists. If you love Morrowind and are interested in contributing to this historic project, please check out their forums and sign up today!

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