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Check Out the Pretty and Bizarre World of Tentacles: Enter the Mind


Check Out the Pretty and Bizarre World of Tentacles: Enter the Mind

Tentacles are strange things. They make Octodad frustrating, and they make anime weird. One other thing they, however, is make lay the foundation of a game as bizarre as it is pretty in Tentacles: Enter the Mind. The developers at Press Play are at it again after creating Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the visually stunning side-scrolling platformer for Xbox One that Alex on staff simply adored.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind seems like a relatively simple game as you embark on a journey through someone’s brain as, well, tentacles. As you enter the mind of the dolphin professor (yes, you read that correctly) from the first game, you seek to destroy anything cute inside his head by eating its eyes and obtaining its powers. This is a very real game that I am personally so excited to try, not because of how utterly insane the premise is, but because it looks like a ton of fun, on top of it all.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind is scheduled for release early this summer at the fabulous price of $0.00. The full game will be available for download at no charge, exclusively for Windows 8 PCs and RT tablet platforms.

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