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Check Out the First Concept Art of Jade in Beyond Good & Evil 2


Check Out the First Concept Art of Jade in Beyond Good & Evil 2

It’s happening, you guys. It’s really happening. Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been confirmed to be a thing for quite a while now, but any amount of information on the much-anticipated sequel is plenty to get fans nice and hyped. Most recently, the first concept art for the new design of protagonist Jade has appeared on Twitter. And, boy, does she look fab.

Slaaaaaaay Jaaaaade

Slaaaaaaay Jaaaaade

She seems to be sporting some sort of hakama-style pants this time around, and she just looks plain fabulous. I’m not sure if what she’s holding is a sword or just her usual staff fading off for the sake of fitting it into the image. Nevertheless, she’s flawless.

Although, there are still no other official details on the game itself just yet, aside from a concept video that was shown off several years ago. Of course, we’ll be updating you with any information on the long-awaited game as it surfaces. Also, if you haven’t played the first Beyond Good & Evil, go do that now. Go on.

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