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Check Out the Classy and Chaotic New Sportsfriends Trailer


Check Out the Classy and Chaotic New Sportsfriends Trailer

SPORTS! It’s time to engage in real athletics with Sportsfriends from Danish developer Die Gute Fabrik. Originally funded by Kickstarter, Sportsfriends is essentially a silly amalgamation of athleticism and drunken fun, and the latest video trailer for the game perfectly encapsulates that. The trailer shows off the four mini-games that make up Sportsfriends: Super Pole Rider, BaraBariBall, Hokra, and Johann Sebastian Joust. The best of it all, however, is the classical music in the background for added effect. Truly a gentleman’s sport.

Each mini-game seems wilder than the last with J.S. Joust making clever use of the PlayStation Move technology, which is good news for anyone who owns those remotes. You can see the games in action and gauge if you’re down to drop $15 when Sportsfriends arrives on the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS4 on May 7th. SPORTS!

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