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Charizard and Greninja Confirmed for Super Smash Bros.


Charizard and Greninja Confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

Everyone loves Pokémon right? Well at least Nintendo certainly does as evidenced by the announcement of two more playable Pokémon for the next iteration of its popular brawler Super Smash Bros. A new trailer introduces iconic Pokémon starter Charizard and new fan favorite from the most recent X and Y games, Greninja. They will join Super Smash Bros. poké-veterans Pikachu and Lucario.

As it currently stands, the addition of Charizard and Greninja makes Pokémon the second most represented franchise in this version of Super Smash Bros., behind only the Super Mario Brothers crew of course. If this pace continues Pokémon may as well have its own spin off brawler. Wait, that actually may not be that bad of an idea… Does anyone have Mashiro Sakurai’s phone number?

Super Smash Bros. will be out this summer for the 3DS and this winter for the Wii U.

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