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Can't Sleep? Upcoming Videogame Arrangement Wants to Help


Can't Sleep? Upcoming Videogame Arrangement Wants to Help

Find a comfy pillow, pour yourself a nice glass of red wine (or warm milk if you’re under 21!), and let saxophonist Norihiko Hibino and pianist AYAKI play you a relaxing lullaby. That’s the idea at least behind Scarlet Moon Records’ new arrangement of soothing videogame tracks: Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies.

Hibino and AYAKI (known together as GENTLE LOVE) have teamed up together in the past to provide therapeutic live saxophone and piano to those that suffered through the 2011 Japanese earthquakes and tsunami. If you aren’t already familiar with GENTLE LOVE, gamers might recognize Hibino for his contributions to the Metal Gear Series and the “Snake Eater” theme.

Scarlet Moon Records wants to tease out the full list of tracks leading up to the album’s full digital release on May 19th, 2014. However they are willing to let interested music enthusiasts in on two confirmed songs: “Aquatic Ambience” from Donkey Kong Country and “A Wish…” from Secret of Mana. If your interest is piqued and you want to check in on the album or hear a preview, visit the album’s official website and give a listen to a (short but smooth) sample of the “Aquatic Ambience” arrangement.


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