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Bethesda Fixes, Bans Users Of The Elder Scrolls Online Item Glitch


Bethesda Fixes, Bans Users Of The Elder Scrolls Online Item Glitch

So, you might have seen the The Elder Scrolls Online show up in your news feed a lot yesterday. That’s because the game has one of those infamous game breaking bugs show up and start wreaking havoc. The glitch allowed players to infinitely duplicate items in the guild banks by simply clicking on them in the bank’s inventory. If left unchecked, this could have been disastrous for the in-game economy of The Elder Scrolls Online, but Bethesda, for once, has responded quickly to the glitch.

Yesterday, Bethesda shut down the guild banks in order to stop the deluge of items, and today released a statement to the press confirming they had fixed the glitch, and showing they would bring harsh punishments on those who used the glitch;

Yesterday, we identified an item duping bug in ESO that some players chose to exploit. We acted quickly, and have since fixed the issue. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusing exploitable bugs, and those who were found doing so will have their game account permanently banned.”

Damn. Turns out justice isn’t just harsh in Bethesda’s games, its harsh in their real life dealings too. Maybe too harsh, in my opinion, but to each their own.

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