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Artist's "Genesis 2014" Turns Video Games Into Religious Frescoes


Artist's "Genesis 2014" Turns Video Games Into Religious Frescoes

What would art from the late Middle Ages look like if the likes of Giotto and Duccio got their hands onto classic Sega Genesis games like Street Fighter 2 or Space Invaders? Dan Hernandez, the sole artist behind the “Genesis 2014” exhibit, dares to find out. Hernandez blends old religious stylizations with pop culture to form “eccentric comparisons” between 2 mediums you wouldn’t expect to get along.

Genesis 2014

They had health packs in the Middle Ages, right?

The title of the collection references both the Book of Genesis, the biblical creation stories, and the Sega Genesis, the console that spurred many memorable video game creations. Hernandez hopes to forge an “on-going visual dialogue of religion, mythology, and pop culture” in a way that will question our notions of devotion, violence, and iconography.

Missile Command

Holy battle or arcade favorite, Missile Command?

You can view the full “Genesis 2014” collection, featured at New York’s Kim Foster Gallery, here. See which video game classics you spot in the deceptively aged works.

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