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Xbox One Twitch Integration Looks Snazzy


Xbox One Twitch Integration Looks Snazzy

I think one of the happiest companies on the planet at this moment is Twitch. They just recently had the phenomenon Twitch Plays Pokémon, Sony put a dedicated button on the PlayStation 4 just for streaming, and now Microsoft is falling suit, but instead of pressing a button you’ll be yelling, “Xbox broadcast,” at the top of your lungs. Today, Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, posted a video over on his blog that showcases the exceptionally well implemented Twitch integration for the Xbox One.

Larry walks through the entire process of streaming on the Xbox One, and if it works as well as it does in the video I will be flabbergasted. It looks simple and streamlined. In addition to the simplicity, stream archiving will be available for the Xbox One — a feature that was sorely lacking with the PlayStation 4’s Twitch integration. Check out the video above, and be ready to broadcast your little heart out when the Twitch streaming update hits the Xbox One March 11th. The same day as Dark Souls II — I mean, Titanfall


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