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Xbox One to be Sold Cheaper than PlayStation 4 on GameSeek


Xbox One to be Sold Cheaper than PlayStation 4 on GameSeek

The people have voted and GameSeek will be slashing prices for some of the hottest items, as requested by the community. In fact, now you’ll be able to get an Xbox One for almost £50 cheaper than a PlayStation 4. While the online retailer is currently selling the standalone PlayStation for £349, through a co-buying promotion, they will be selling an Xbox One bundled with FIFA 14 for £300. Anyone on the fence about which console to get certainly has some options opened up right now, and this may be worth looking into.

Just as well, the incredibly popular and well-received Titanfall will also be receiving a pricecut, going down to £30. I should mention again that these are through a co-buy promotion, which essentially means that the promotion may only last for a few hours, and there may only be a limited number of the product available for that price. You’ll be getting the product at that price, but the price can go even cheaper if you get more people down to get in on the deal. GameSeek offers a little FAQ for some more insight into just how co-buying works. Regardless, this deal won’t last very long, and you’ll have to sign up for their notifications to get wind of just when the deal will be going live for those of you who are interested.

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