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Xbox LIVE Experiencing Titanfall Sign-In Issues *UPDATED*


Xbox LIVE Experiencing Titanfall Sign-In Issues *UPDATED*

*UPDATE* According to Xbox LIVE, their core services are up and running again. Happy gaming, every–oops, I spoke too soon. Now it’s saying it’s down. Hang in there, everybody.

*UPDATE* According to Xbox LIVE’s site, they have managed to fix the matchmaking issues specific to Titanfall, but they are still facing issues with the core services. As you can see:

Xbox Live Issues


One step forward, one step back, it seems…

*Original Post*

No doubt thanks to the massive release of Titanfall today, Xbox LIVE is currently facing technical issues, with players not able to join in on multiplayer games. Their site contains the following message:

Hi Xbox members, are you running into issues matchmaking in Titanfall or Forza 5? We’ll take it from here. Our team is currently working to get to the bottom of this. We appreciate your patience while we investigate. We’ll update you again in 30 minutes.

Hopefully Xbox LIVE gets this sorted out soon so players can get back to enjoying Titanfall. We’ll update with any further developments.


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