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World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta Rolls Out


World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta Rolls Out

Wargaming’s (cha-ching!) dip into mobile devices with World of Tanks Blitz is highly anticipated by fans of their World of Tanks series, that’s for sure. The free to play MMO for iPad tablets has started its closed beta after having received 150,000 applications for it. Players lucky enough to be in it will get hands-on time with the seven versus seven combat and here’s hoping it all translates well with the touchscreen controls. I’ve always found difficulty with games that aren’t as simple as possible on my iPhone; my thumbs are fat. If over 80 machines, three nations, and four tank classes intrigues you, you can sign up for the beta here. iPhones and Android phones will receive World of Tanks Blitz compatibility in the coming months.

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