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‘World of Bidoofs’ is the Best Thing Ever


‘World of Bidoofs’ is the Best Thing Ever

This post was authored by Alissa McAloon.

A field of happy Bidoof; what more could anyone want? user SatisfyingSigh is making dreams come true with just that. Using the downloadable Wii title My Pokemon Ranch, SatisfyingSigh has created a haven for all things Bidoof. Normally, the game lets you send up to 1,000 of your pokemon from Pokemon Platnium, Pearl, and Diamond to the Pokemon Ranch to frolic and play. In this case, all 1,000 of the pokemon are Bidoof. Though the Twitch.Tv stream was only a temporary thing, SatisfyingSigh has uploaded a 45 minute long YouTube masterpiece of the event so you can have Bidoof festivities any time you desire. Watch the adorably derpy herd create a 1000 Bidoof totem pole or dance around a fire. The sky is the limit and it’s absolutely amazing.

The video is embedded above, but be sure to head over to their channel to subscribe and show your support for this amazing project. He’s been considering doing the same thing with different pokemon down the road. While this may not be as awesome as a thousand Bidoofs, it’s still pretty neat.

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