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Virtual Reality Becomes More Tangible With Myo & Oculus Rift


Virtual Reality Becomes More Tangible With Myo & Oculus Rift

Thalmic Labs has combined their Myo armbands with an Oculus Rift to create something that reminds me of the Oasis from Ready Player One. The Myo is an armband that uses electrical activity from your muscles to control an assortment of devices. Today, through a blog post Thalmic Labs released details on how the Myo technology can now be applied to games being developed in Unity.

Our software team created a Unity API that allows any developer to quickly and easily use the Myo armbands as controllers for their games. The code will be made available to developers in the future, allowing them to drag and drop the package into their project for easy integration.

Thalmic Labs will be demoing the new Unity API at the Game Developers Conference next week in San Francisco.

Somewhere there is a millionaire with an Oculus Rift, Virtuix Omni, and a Thalmic Labs Myo laughing at all us peasants still using a controller/keyboard and mouse.

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