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Twinfinite is Giving Away a Free Copy of Strider!


Twinfinite is Giving Away a Free Copy of Strider!

Hey there all, welcome back to this week’s episode of Twinfinite Gives You Stuff! (The producers made me say it….)

Buzz has been spreading around the internet that the recently-released HD reboot of Strider is pretty good. Hey, if nothing else, we thought it was pretty darn great.

Last week we handed out a copy of Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry and praised the majesty of pirates in the age-old pirates vs. ninjas debate. To test the loyalty of you ninja fans under the guidance of the Eighth Hokage of Naruto (or something, just work with me here), we’re running another contest this week! We didn’t want to be selfish and keep all the fun to ourselves, so we’ve decided to give away a copy of Strider so that you could have some fun too. Will pirates prevail? Will ninjas? Will plants? Will zombies? What is going on in here?!

Ahem. So how do you enter and win? Well, it’s easy!

1. Be following us on Twitter!
2. Tweet to @Twinfinite the following line verbatim: “I have been trained by the grand Twinfiknight shinobi, I am ready to carry on as Strider Hiryu RT” **

**Remember that a valid entry includes EVERYTHING wrapped within the quotation marks, including the link!

That’s it. Really, it’s that simple. The code is redeemable for the PS3 copy of the game in the United States only (sorry, internationals, we love you too, we promise!). The winner will be selected at random from all the valid entries. You can enter a maximum of three times per day to increase your chances of winning. The contest will run until Wednesday, March 12th, 11:59pm EST. May the power protect you, Rang–Twinfiknights.

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