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Titanfall Achievement List Unlocked


Titanfall Achievement List Unlocked

The Titanfall achievement list has been revealed for all to see. The overall achievement list seems to aim players toward mastering different play-styles with cumulative achievements for kill methods and completing challenges. The interesting part learned from the list is presence of a prestige system called “Generations.”

Titanfall, Titanfall achievement list

The screen you’ll see when you want to “regenerate”

When players reach the cap at level 50, they will be asked if they wish to “regenerate.” Players who do so will earn a badge denoting which generation they are in, have their level reset to 1, have all of their previously unlocked items locked again (except for unlocked Titan classes), and receive a permanent XP multiplier. Players can regenerate until they reach the 10th generation which will earn them an achievement, “Gen 10,” for a poetically measly 0 Gamerscore.

The entire Titanfall achievement list can be seen here (no spoilers).

Titanfall arrives on March 11 for Xbox One and PC and on March 25 for Xbox 360.


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