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Square Enix Releases Another 16-bit FFXIV Restrospective


Square Enix Releases Another 16-bit FFXIV Restrospective

Remember about two months ago when Square Enix released a 16-bit retrospective trailer recapping the FFXIII saga for the upcoming launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? They’re back, after having had that trailer so well-received, it looks like Square Enix decided to reimagine a battle from FFXIV.

Despite trying to adapt a FFXIV 3D battle into 16-bit style, the fighting mechanics honestly seem pretty accurate given the limitations of the style. Really, not even just the fighting mechanics felt accurate. The entire battle sequence, the way all the figures move, is all pretty spot-on.

I really really hope Square Enix continues making these videos. They are so much fun.

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