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Show-Ryuken – Capcom Pro Tour Dates Announced for Twitch


Show-Ryuken – Capcom Pro Tour Dates Announced for Twitch

If you’re a fan of competitive Street Fighter, then get ready to settle in for some first-class viewing. Capcom Pro Tour has announced on its website dates for premier and ranking matches that will place the top 16 combatants for the year-end Capcom Cup tournament. Here is a list of ranking events, all of which will be available on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel:

Final Round (Atlanta, GA, USA) – March 14~16
Norcal Regionals (Sacramento, CA, USA) – April 18~20
South East Asia Majors (Singapore) – June 20~22
Community Effort Orlando (Orlando, FL, USA) – June 27~29
Evolution Championship Series
(Las Vegas, NV, USA) – July 11~13
The Fall Classic (Raleigh, NC, USA) – October 10~12
Dreamhack Winter
* (Jönköping, Sweden ) – November 27~30

And here are the announced ranking events at major gaming events this year.

PAX East (Boston, MA, USA) – April 11~13
E3 (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – June 11~12|
San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego, CA, USA) – July 24~27

More dates may be announced for ranking events, as will upcoming online events, according to the Capcom Pro Tour site. The game of choice is going to be Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition until June, when Ultra Street Fighter IV is released.

Are you man/woman enough to fight with these fighters?

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