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Shaq Heads to Indiegogo to Make Shaq-Fu 2 a Reality


Shaq Heads to Indiegogo to Make Shaq-Fu 2 a Reality

The hints were dropped all around, but no one believed it could be true.  But today, on the day of basketball star Shaquille O’Neal’s birthday, an Indiegogo campaign has appeared to revive the oft maligned 90’s fighting game, Shaq- Fu.  Except this time, the game will have the full backing and passion of enthusiast game studio, Big Deez Productions to make it into a much more polished action game experience.

Big Deez and Shaq will be working together to bring Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn to life with a $450,000 campaign.  The result of which will be a true labor of love, with full 3D visuals and voice acting, planned to come out on PC and perhaps mobile devices.

The Indiegogo describes the project;

Shaq Fu is what the original game should have been – an instant classic.  We’re talking Streets of Rage meets Street Fighter meets Devil May Cry. It’s a modern day take on the classic beat ‘em up.  Play as Shaquille O’Neal – learn hundreds of moves and battle techniques, take onthousands of enemies with dozens of cool melee weapons, battle bosses in dynamic arenas, master cool finishing moves and play with your buddies in COOP mode or against each other in player vs player combat.

In Shaq Fu, dozens of unique and variedenemies await which require careful use of tactics.  The game also features destructive environments, awesome power ups  and a series of well-designed, beautiful levels with interesting progression.  This is all tied together by what very well might be the story of the century, a performance worthy of an Oscar, by the Big Diesel, in his battle against a villain for the ages – the mysterious Black Star Ninja.

So yeah, pretty lofty stuff.  Donators and supporters can get copies of the game and DLC as well as some other Shaq related goodies such as autographed basketballs, his trademark sneakers, and even getting followed by the big man himself on a variety of social networks– you know, if you happen to have $1000 laying around and a Twitter account that needs spicing up.

As a quick, some of you may be wondering how come Shaq doesn’t just front the scratch himself, but Big Deez points out that the biggest goal of the campaign is to gauge interest in the project and to make sure it’s actually worth seeking out to completion.

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