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Ray Cox IV Reaches 1 Million Gamerscore Goal


Ray Cox IV Reaches 1 Million Gamerscore Goal

Gamerscore, awarded for completing achievements  in Xbox games, are a prized collectible amongst the console’s fans. Stallion83 has been the hero, or competition, to this Xbox community, for he holds the world record for the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore. Tonight, while Twitch streaming Titanfall on his Xbox One, Ray Cox fulfilled his goal of 1,000,000 Gamerscore, a never before reached achievement.

Microsoft has taken notice of the Gamerscore master, recently rewarding him with a rare Xbox One launch team console and a lifetime Xbox Live Gold Membership.

As Stallion83 closed his Twitch stream, he had added one last note: “I’m gonna go celebrate. I love you guys, thank you very much”.

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