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Pigs Can Play Video Games, Now I'm Hungry


Pigs Can Play Video Games, Now I'm Hungry

This is an interesting video to get in my inbox… It’s an advertisement for veganism that points out that since pigs can play video games, we shouldn’t eat them. The complete opposite effect is happening, as I just want to eat them more now. How dare pigs have the ability to beat me? What if I’m in a very intense Hearthstone battle, and I lose to a PIG?! No way, I say we eat them all. This is the beginning of my grassroots organization, GO MEAT!

Seriously, though, this is pretty neat information. I never knew that pigs could learn to play a video game faster than a chimpanzee could. Granted, it’s not something like Titanfall, but it’s still adorable to imagine my future pygmy piglet playing Pong instead of crapping in my house.

Owner for the site and one of Twinfinite Video's personalities. Yami founded Twinfinite when she was bored one day. She has since become very not bored. Has played video games for over 25 years. Favorites include The Sims, XCOM, Tropico, and any and all tycoon games.

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