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New Update to Imagine Me, Releases on Early Access This Friday


New Update to Imagine Me, Releases on Early Access This Friday

Imagine Me, the newest title from indie devs KinifiGames is getting the Early Access treatment on Friday. You’ll be able to buy it for yourself and be a part of the development process.

The latest build, includes a number of fixes:

  • Statistics that save to the Steam Cloud including:
    • Death by Spikes
    • Death by Falling
    • Trampoline Jumps
    • Jumps
    • The Cat One
  • Fixed layering issue with “Pause” screen
  • Fixed layering issue with “End Game” screen
  • Fixed “Credits” going to splash screen
  • Added controller splash screen
  • Overlapping and cutoff issues resolved for 16:10 resolutions

KinifiGames will be at GDC this year and are looking forward to your feedback. They urge players to let them know if there are any bugs in Imagine Me they could fix, as they’re aware and working on “Main Menu navigation with controller does not cycle” and “Robbe does not ‘Pause’ when in ‘Pause’ screen.”

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