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New Patch and Untold Legends Come to Blackguards


New Patch and Untold Legends Come to Blackguards

Quite a while ago, we received a Steam Early Access copy of the turn-based fantasy strategy game Blackguards to review, and therein lay the biggest problem; it was Early Access, incomplete and unpolished, and I didn’t really like it. But, as I mentioned, that was a while ago, and the game has since been completed and refined into something excellent. Today, a new patch arrives for the game to further enhance its features and give everyone the best possible experience the game has to offer, in addition to a new journey to embark on with the Untold Legends downloadable content.

Untold Legends provides new weapons, quests, battle maps, and songs bundled with a new tale giving more insight into the backstory of Takate, a slave gladiator that joins the heroes in the Blackguards campaign. Specifically, Takate and company will be getting revenge on the people who enslaved him. They have officially been convicted of assholism, now go kick their asses.

You can get in on this by purchasing the Untold Legends DLC for $5.99 off of Steam, GOG, or Gamesrocket. Also, anyone who received the Blackguards Contributor’s Edition via Steam will be receiving the new content automatically, at no extra charge. Check out some footage of the new content below:

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