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New Galactic Civilizations III Video Highlights Gameplay


New Galactic Civilizations III Video Highlights Gameplay

Galactic Civilizations III should be on the radar for any lovers of Civilization or Alpha Centari as the gameplay will appear very familiar. Today, Stardock released a new video that showcases the game’s UI and how players can move around in the world. Unfortunately, the most interesting part of the game wasn’t really shown, just teased about: its choices. Like Sid Meier’s Civilization, you’re able to achieve victory in many different ways, and I’m glad to see that Galactic Civilization allows the player this freedom with their strategy.

You can pre-order Galactic Civilizations III’s “Founder’s Edition” here for a whopping $99.99 and gain access to the alpha version when it hits Steam. Worth it? In my opinion, hell no. All you get aside from alpha access is all future DLC, but who’s to say it will be good and who’s to say how much DLC will release? No word yet on the price directly from Steam once alpha access is available.

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