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New Etherium Screenshots Revealed, Control the Weather!


New Etherium Screenshots Revealed, Control the Weather!

In Etherium, Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive’s upcoming RTS for the PC, you play one of three factions (each with their own abilities, weaknesses, tech to research, and special skills) to overcome your enemies on 7 planets. It takes on a non-linear approach to its single player campaign as you decide where to take over next, while also having an online multiplayer aspect.


The majority of Etherium sounds like a standard RTS, except for one thing: you can control the weather. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy. Each planet has its own environment that you’ll need to utilize to your advantage. And because of the technology skills of one kingdom in particular (The Clones in Galaad), you’re able to directly use crazy weather to alter the tide of a battle. Use a sandstorm at the desert and you’ll be hidden from your enemies or freeze a river and you’ll be able to cross it to attack an enemy from behind.

Etherium currently has a Spring 2014 release date and RTS fans should keep an eye out when it finally releases on PC.


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