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Make Your Own Nuka-Cola Quantum Replica!


Make Your Own Nuka-Cola Quantum Replica!

Nothing says refreshing like an ice-cold Nuka-Cola! The iconic, slightly irradiated soft-drink from the Fallout universe, clearly modeled after old time-y Coca-Cola, is a fairly easy prop to make. All you need is a glass Coke bottle and a decent stencil to replace the label and bottle cap.

But what about Nuka-Cola Quantum? Said to have “twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine, and twice the taste,” Nuka-Cola Quantum also contains Strontium-90, a mildly radioactive isotope to give it that “extra kick.” Which is to say, it glows with an unnaturally bright blue light.

Never fear, Willaim Jakespeare is up to the task! In this short D.I.Y. he shows you how to make a pretty convincing Nuka-Cola Quantum replica. I’m particularly impressed with his choice of blue Gatorade as the liquid, the colors are near-identical. Really makes you wonder about what they put in sports drinks…


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