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Lyne Review – Once You Puzzle You Just Can't Stop


Lyne Review – Once You Puzzle You Just Can't Stop

Puzzle games, especially in the mobile (or mobile-to-PC) market, are a dime a dozen. It’s probably got something to do with the relative ease with which a lot of the ‘trappings’ of a game can mostly be discarded; you don’t need high-end graphics, engaging music, or any semblance of writing, plot, and all those other bits and pieces that go into a lot of other genres. Puzzles also prey on our own natural cognitive and subconscious desire to think through things and approach logical solutions, and so sink their teeth into us with remarkably addictive repetition. Lyne is yet another example of an addictive minimalist experience that I found myself thinking about long after putting it away for the night.

At the most basic level, Lyne is simply a game about drawing a path from Point A to Point B. The first several levels introduce the concept slowly and deliberately, gradually adding a few new elements. At first, it’s a simple matter of connecting the end-points for any given shape through others of the same, going around or between the other shapes to get there. You’re not allowed to go through a shape other than the one you’re currently connecting, and you can’t re-use or cross any existing paths; each line is a one-way alley from one point to another. All in all, the concept and gameplay are extremely simple, even for a mobile-turned-PC puzzler, and that’s a really strong point in the game’s favour.

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An early level introducing some interesting elements to the “draw a line” point of it all with the octagon that requires two lines pass through it.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot else to say here. It’s a really simple, minimalistic game that doesn’t bother with many frills but does have a lot to offer. Addictive gameplay, gradually increasing difficulty, and a hefty supply of levels to try out, plus fresh content via daily puzzles, meaning you’ve always got something to try even if you’ve completed the core level list. Asking only for $2.88 ($2 flat on sale as of this writing), Lyne definitely delivers a puzzle experience that’s worth the small investment, and packs it all in with great aesthetics, decent musical backing, and an overall smooth, enjoyable experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Final Breakdown

[+Great look and ‘feel’] [+Lots of content at a low price] [+Difficult without being frustrating] [-Eases into new things a bit too slowly]

Great Review Score

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