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JetGetters Looks Flippin' Sweet, By the Way


JetGetters Looks Flippin' Sweet, By the Way

I’m convinced everything tinyBuild touches turns to hilariously fun gold. With a newly announced game, JetGetters, hitting Kickstarter, I had to just stop for a second and highlight this. JetGetters is “a game about jumping out of jets, and landing on other jets.” The idea sprang from when the developers were playing Battlefield 3 and Just Cause 2 while exchanging gifs of planes being tethered together and players jumping out of one plane to land on another. Pretty genius since both of those activities are the funnest parts of both games. Sounds like a great recipe for a game.

It basically breaks down like a team deathmatch mode. Players fly out of their bases in jets and shoot each other down. At any point, you’ll be able to eject from your plane and commence free falling. Meanwhile, you can still shoot down planes or even use a zip line to quickly hijack another person’s jet, which then makes them fly out and free fall. You can even hijack missiles, or surf on a teammate’s jet. I mean, this game just gets crazy awesome.


You have your four standard classes for the ultimate class-based multiplayer experience: Scout, Heavy, Daredevil, and Support. Additionally, tinyBuild is hoping to add four game modes: Team Deathmatch, Heist, Kill the Rabbit, and Airship. Team Deathmatch is the same as it’s always been, with Kill the Rabbit being a fancy name for Capture the Flag. Heist has teams fighting to crack open the other side’s safes so they can make away with the golden jet. And the one that excites me most is Airship, which has tower defense elements for two teams as blue must defend their floating stronghold while red seeks to destroy it.

Go back the Kickstarter if this all sounds appealing. I know I’M looking forward to its PC release once it’s finally done.


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