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I’m Not Complaining About the New Batman Game, But…


I’m Not Complaining About the New Batman Game, But…

Batman’s back, baby! Oh man, did you SEE that trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight? Not only is it a new installment in one of the best series’ of the previous console generation, but it’s being developed by Rocksteady, the ‘A’ team responsible for it in the first place. As can be expected, the Internet immediately went bonkers over what was revealed: All of Gotham City is available in a glorious open world, classic villains are returning, and you can drive the Batmobile.

I’ll be completely honest, I’m pretty excited about this too. I’ve dropped at least 100 hours into each of the first two Arkham titles, and the first one is definitely one of the top five games I’ve played in the past decade. With all that in mind however, I can’t help but feel a little bit…disappointed at this recent news.

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