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Help Create Spearhead Games' Latest Game


Help Create Spearhead Games' Latest Game

Following the frantic co-operative rodent puzzler Tiny Brains on Steam, PS3, and PS4, Spearhead Games is taking a different approach at making their next game the best they possibly can by inviting the video game community to help actively contribute feedback on a weekly basis via stream. The game itself is currently untitled, but it is set to be a competitive physics-based e-sports game revolving around the idea of using propulsion forces with a ball.



Aside from that, details are scarce; however, anyone is more than welcome to visit their twitch stream every Thursday at 7PM EST to check out live footage of everything they have been cooking up so far. The goal here is to make the game within the span of three months. Here’s hoping that’s more than enough time to make an excellent community-driven title. When many games fall flat due to a lack of playtesting, you can never have an overabundance of feedback. Best of luck to the developers at Spearhead Games, and we’ll update you with the game’s details as it gets closer to completion.

You can check out the devs going over the plan in the teaser video below:

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