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HabitRPG Makes Every Day a Video Game


HabitRPG Makes Every Day a Video Game

Online app HabitRPG is a standard time management tool, with one major twist. HabitRPG makes you the hero of your very own RPG and your mundane daily tasks into quests. Completing tasks gains you experience points and gold while failing to finish a goal will cost you health. Random item drops, party and group quests, and a pet system all add quirk to an already awesome organizational tool.

My life, as an RPG.

Tasks are organized into three categories: Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos. Habits are things you should or shouldn’t do often but don’t necessarily have a time limit. You can assign positive or negative values to each. Dallies are things that need to be completed within a day. You can set this up to be every day or certain days a week. If the end of the day comes and you haven’t checked it off, expect to take an HP hit. To-Dos are tasks that are only completed once and have no time limit. Check ’em off as you finish them for some sweet, sweet EXP. Advanced menus let you assign a difficulty to tasks too. Harder tasks reward more experience, but you’ll take a bigger hit if you don’t complete them.

As you progress in levels, more features are unlocked. An item shop later lets you buy objects to affect your game; armor to decrease damage, weapons to increase EXP gained. Completing tasks can trigger random item drops, including rare pet eggs. There is also a party system, boss battles, and guilds that all add to the late game experience. The community for this tool is going strong too. Community based ‘Tasks’ require a certain few Habits, Dailies, or To-Dos to be added to your agenda. Progress is tracked together, as a group for everyone participating. For more information, the video tutorials do a pretty good job of explaining all of what this tool has to offer.

Achievements can be earned and items can be equipped to affect your stats.

HabitRPG has been around for a while, it’s been my personal godsend as I’ve tried to become more organized recently. The iPhone and Android apps aren’t the best thing right now, but the web interface is excellent and is constantly being maintained and updated. The development blog is updated weekly and also provides a constant stream of fanart. If you’ve been looking for an organizational tool, HabitRPG is definitely worth checking out.

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