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Have Goku Sound Weird as Hell in Your Copy of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z


Have Goku Sound Weird as Hell in Your Copy of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Odds are, you have seen at least one episode of the incredibly famous Dragon Ball Z, in any variety of languages. If you’ve ever heard the Japanese dub of the show, however, you’ll realize one very strange thing in particular: Goku, the buff and badass main hero of the series, has the voice of a child. It’s incredibly unfitting, and oddly hilarious. The English voice dub of the series gives him a deeper and more fitting voice, but it’s just much more intriguing and uncomfortable to watch the ripped man in action with a little baby voice.

Luckily, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z now has a free downloadable content update that allows you have the game’s audio comprised of the Japanese voice-over. It’s always a treat when options like these are handed out by developers for some people to have a look at the original voices and intonations of these characters. In the case of Goku, he sounds like a child. I won’t judge.

The DLC is available completely free of charge for your copy of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360. Now get out there and show everyone you don’t need a big manly voice to pummel your enemies into submission.

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