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Get Retro with Prometheus – The Fire Thief


Get Retro with Prometheus – The Fire Thief

Daniel Jonsson (Mega Man 42) is the one man indie team behind Prometheus – The Fire Thief. You take on the role of Prometheus in this action platformer as you go on a quest for immortality and revenge against Zeus. You stole fire so he banished your ass. Think God of War, except completely 8-bit. Jonsson says Prometheus is inspired by NES games like Zelda II. It really shows, as it looks a lot like the same side scrolling action you’d find in there. He calls the game non-linear as players will have to decide which order would be best to take on the stages using hints from NPCs. It’s going to be out on Mar ch 31st for Windows on his blog. The price of $14.99 for it seems steep, but you may be such a retro fan, you won’t even care. Check out the demo here.

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