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Epic Games' New IP: We May Have Seen It Already


Epic Games' New IP: We May Have Seen It Already

After selling off the rights to Gears of War to Microsoft earlier this year, Epic Games has made the preparations to unleash their newest franchise on the world. Speaking at a panel at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), lead animator Jay Hosfelt described how Epic is going about their new project. No title or release date was mentioned, but character models and concept art from the new project was shown.

Epic Games, Samaritan

What is particularly interesting about the character model above is the similarity to a character in Epic’s tech demo from almost three years ago. In 2011, Epic released a real-time demo of Unreal Engine 3 titled “Samaritan” to show the possibility of the engine on the “next-generation of platforms.” The character in that demo bears an obvious and clear resemblance to the character in the concept art above. Perhaps Epic continued took the expanded the world created in that tech demo into a fully realized IP.

Epic also explained as part of their new philosophy on game development, they currently have no publishing partner for their new IP. Since Microsoft had been their publisher for the Gears of War franchise, this could mean that their new IP will come to a variety of platforms.

While at GDC, Epic is expected to make an unspecified announcement so keep checking our page for the details!

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