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The Dream of Being Ellen Ripley Comes True with Infinity Runner


The Dream of Being Ellen Ripley Comes True with Infinity Runner

It’s hardly news that the “runner” genre has exploded over the past few years with the popular Temple Run gaining truckloads of momentum. Since then, there are probably a good dozen different runner titles available on the mobile market, but not one quite like this one. Wales Interactive, the developers of the superb Master Reboot, have taken the genre into their own hands for a darker and more challenging spin on the genre by adding elements of Mirror’s Edge into the mix, creating Infinity Runner.

Similar to Mirror’s Edge, the game features a first-person perspective as you run forward avoiding obstacles and dispatching various enemies along the way. Infinity Runner then borrows the general format of Temple Run by throwing in narrow hallways that you must traverse, effectively jumping over or sliding under whatever may be in your way. One big difference, however, is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, although there are no details on how that will work yet.

Where da aliens at.

Where da aliens at.

In spite of it all, what may be favorite thing about Infinity Runner is the setting. Right away, the teaser trailer made me think of Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien as if I were the infinitely badass Ripley running through the halls of the Nostromo. That is something I have always wanted. Infinity Runner finally gives me that chance to feel like the baddest bitch ever. Throw in the fact that the game will have Oculus Rift support, and bam, you are Sigourney Weaver. Although, of course, this isn’t a game within the Alien universe; it has its own plot.

Abrams glare, check.

Abrams glare, check.

The trailer gives some insight into what the plot for this game may be with someone waking up inside of some chamber, breaking free, and then just running, because that’s what you do in a runner, right? Aside from that, details are scarce. The enemies you encounter seem to be soldiers of some kind, so you may have been some sort of test subject. The fantastic details of the environment make me really hope that there’s some sort of plot to be added to an otherwise arcade-style game, which would add a whole lot more playability to this title if it hopes to be your standard runner game, but on a much grander scale.

Although there is no estimated release date yet, we’ll be sure to update you on any details that arise. For now, you can look forward to Infinity Runner being released on Steam for PC, Mac, Linux, and on the PlayStation Network for PS3. Unfortunately, you probably can’t look forward to actually being Sigourney Weaver. Not yet, at least. The world weeps.

You can check out the teaser trailer below and see the concept in action for yourself:

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