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Dramatic Platformer Spate Gets A Creepy Launch Trailer


Dramatic Platformer Spate Gets A Creepy Launch Trailer

Sometimes, atmosphere is what makes or breaks a game, especially when you’re telling a dark, dramatic story. If the world you’ve built to surround your story does not feel authentic, then the whole enterprise can come tumbling down. Its a difficult task, but it helps when you have a veteran of the Jim Henson Creature Company and Disney Animation as the project lead. Such as the case with Spate, a steampunk dramatic action platformer from Eric Provan and Ayyo Games,

That’s some dedication, and it shows in the launch trailer above. Invoking films such as Children of Men and games such as Dear Esther, Spate follows Detective Bluth, who is hired to investigate the mysterious X Zone islands whilst battling some demons of his own. The loss of his daughter, the leaving of his wife, and his growing obsession with absinthe, which is used in game as a way to briefly increase speed and jumping height (at a cost), all weight heavily on him as he battles the increasingly twisted world of X Zone and his own deteriorating mind.

Spate, looking incredibly promising to these eyes, comes out on Steam on March 27th.

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