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Documentary on Game Jams, Super Game Jam, Coming Next Month


Documentary on Game Jams, Super Game Jam, Coming Next Month

A new documentary series from Devolver Digital, Bram Ruiter, and Daniel Oliveira Carneiro called Super Game Jam will be hitting Steam next month. Filmed over the course of “six months and in five different cities,” Super Game Jam will feature random pairings of indie developers working for 48 hours on a game with a theme chosen by their peers. Sounds pretty sweet, if you ask me. I’ve always thought the amazing creations that come from just 48 hours were great accomplishments for these creative minds. Some of the biggest games in the indie scene stemmed from game jams, even. And in general, it’s just plain nice to see video game related documentaries surfacing more and more. The episode list is as follows:

  • Episode 1 is set in the Netherlands and will feature Jan Willem Nijman (Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS) and Richard Boeser (Ibb and Obb)
  • Episode 2 will be in Germany featuring Dominik Johann (Impetus, LAZA KNITEZ!!) and Christoffer Hedborg (Shelter, Pid)
  • Episode 3 is in the USA with Adam Drucker (doseone, Samurai Gunn) and Sos Sosowski (McPixel)
  • Episode 4 takes us to Sweden and showcases both Jonatan Söderström (Hotline Miami) and Martin Jonasson (Rymdkapsel)
  • Episode 5 will take place in England and have Tom Francis (Gunpoint) and Liselore Goedhart (Remembering, Nott Won’t Sleep)

Jeez, all this flying around to different places, you’d think we were playing Street Fighter. Check out the trailer above!

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