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Chroma Squad Trailer Looks Great (But A Little Bit Racist)


Chroma Squad Trailer Looks Great (But A Little Bit Racist)

Behold Studios, a Brazilian indie game studio, has been developed a game with very heavy Japanese influences. Like, really heavy. The latest trailer goes so far as to even include that clock in the top left corner of the screen like is shown often on Japanese television. In the style of a Japanese TV spot, the new Chroma Squad trailer still looks pretty sweet.

Chroma Squad is an upcoming title that utilizes the unique style of the super sentai genre, such as Power Rangers. Additionally, the whole game is designed to look Japanese as hell. If it didn’t seem like the developers where making it so out of love for the culture, you’d think it were a bit racist, but it seems all in good fun. Nevertheless, they went all out, throwing in awkwardly translated text such as “Chroma Squad is the game of craziest dreams!!!” It teeters on a fine line, but the game still looks like a great turn-based strategy game, akin to Fire Emblem.

We’ll be sure to let you know as more information on the game comes around around the time of GDC 2014, where the game will be showcased, according to the video. Chroma Squad is set to release sometime later this year on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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