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Buried Secrets in Latest Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer


Buried Secrets in Latest Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer

The last time I wrote about Murdered: Soul Suspect I mostly made fun of the protagonist’s fedora. But I’m genuinely intrigued by what the game has to offer, mainly in terms of gameplay. Who wouldn’t want to walk through walls and possess NPCs?

Players assume the role of Ronan, a ghost detective trying to solve his own murder. In the latest trailer, entitled “Buried,” we are introduced to Joy, a young woman with psychic abilities. She can sense the presence of ghosts, but she can also, ya know, interact with the physical realm.

It seems like Joy is going to serve as Ronan’s liaison to the living, so to speak. In helping Ronan find out who killed him, hopefully she’ll uncover some buried secrets of her own. Murdered: Soul Suspect is set to release in June on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

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