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Bulletstorm Taken Down From Steam


Bulletstorm Taken Down From Steam

If you were hoping to get one of this last generations’s hidden gems on PC, you may be running out of time. Epic Games’ first person, score based shooter Bulletstorm has been unceremoniously removed from Steam. The game was taken down earlier this last week with so far no explanation for its removal. The game is still available on Origin. While the removal comes without reason, a report from Joystiq speculates that this may be related to a rumored shutdown of the Games for Windows Live service. Unconfirmed rumors have hinted that GFWL may be shutting down on July 1st. The discontinuation of the service would lead to many games, including Bulletstorm, to become unplayable due to their reliance on the service.

The game is still around for Xbox 360 and PS3, naturally but the removal is definitely forbidding. More and more games rely on digital and internet dependent services. In another 5 years, what games will we be watching fade away?

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