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Bombcats and Call of Victory are Free Today


Bombcats and Call of Victory are Free Today

Bombcats was supposed to be Radiangames push into big games. The developer has already made it known that the game was a costly setback for the company that forced them to refocus. If you were one of those that looked at the cutesy aesthetic and had forgotten that Radiangames is the company behind the impressive shooters Super Crossfire and Inferno, now is your chance to grab it for absolutely nothing. Amazon’s Android Appstore is currently running that deal for today only.

In other news, the strategy game Call for Victory has dropped in price after a user had given the title a 1-star rating complaining about its price. It has also fallen to the absurd price of free for a limited time, but I will add that it does work off of micro-transactions for those concerned about that.

While these next games aren’t free, any Kairosoft deal is a good deal. Venture Towns is now on sale for $1.20 on Google’s Play marketplace alongside a number of other deals on big name games. Critical darling Badland is running a 1/2 off sale on all in-app purchases while Deus Ex: The Fall has been reduced to to $0.99 from $6.99. There are plenty of interesting deals to be had for Android gamers today.

Here’s the list for those that need it:

A protip for those Kairosoft fans that want a free game and don’t mind a bit of Japanese, Pocket Academy and Card Change are both free, though Card Change is much easier to navigate through.

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