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Bear Simulator is the Game You Never Knew You Wanted


Bear Simulator is the Game You Never Knew You Wanted

Remember Goat Simulator? Remember how great that was? Well I found another pretender to the throne for best “Animal Simulation” game. Welcome, to Bear Simulator.

Farjay Studio’s Kickstarter shows off their vision for a game in which players take the role of the humble bear, living their lives as a bear, and if need be, fighting and hunting like the bear. I know, it’s like a dream come true. The campaign page does a pretty good job of convincing you all why you need a game like this. The fact that bears are an underrepresented group in gaming is good a reason as any to support the game. You want to support bears don’t you? Additionally, the reward tiers for the game are fairly stellar with ‘Star as a Rock’ potentially being the best incentive for any Kickstarter campaign to date.

The promotional images makes the game look almost like Skyrim except y’know, bears. With goals including melee combat, vast open worlds, and possible multiplayer, supporting this game sounds like the equivalent of donating to a wilderness preserve [No it isn’t]. They’re virtually the same thing [It’s not]. Think about all the bears you’ll save in real life [Not in real life].

Below are some screenshots, a trailer for an alpha version of the game, and links. Go check it out, it’s bear-y important that you do! *Kicks self*




[Kickstarter: Bear Simulator by Farjay Studios]

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