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Angry Birds Go RPG with Angry Birds Epic


Angry Birds Go RPG with Angry Birds Epic

Riding on the coattails of South Park: The Stick of Truth going RPG, the Angry Birds franchise has decided to take the role-playing route with the upcoming Angry Birds Epic. The birds are still angry, I assume, but now they’re in a new adventure akin to something like Paper Mario with turn-based combat and other RPG-style mechanics.

In the vein of your standard role-playing game, the game will also include items like potions, armor, and other various upgrades; however, they won’t be abandoning their tried-and-true mobile game formula by offering additional items available for purchase with real currency. But before hitting the United States, the game will be released in Australia and Canada on iTunes, mostly just to test the waters for now. The finished build will then be released later this year for all mobile platforms. We’ll let you know once more information on Angry Birds Epic surfaces, and whether or not it may actually be something worth looking into.

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