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Amnesia Meets BioShock in Lethe


Amnesia Meets BioShock in Lethe

What would it look like if BioShock and Amnesia: The Dark Descent had a love child? The answer, my friends, is Lethe, a first-person survival horror game from KoukouStudios. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer and see for yourselves!

Set in a 1920’s steampunk world, Lethe has a retro-futuristic vibe not unlike that of BioShock. You play as Robert Dawn, a journalist investigating a disaster on a remote island. After impaling your hand on what appears to be a rusty nail, you spontaneously develop psychokinetic abilities. For the record, kids, don’t try this at home: you’ll just give yourself tetanus.

It’s like BioShock, but your only plasmid is Telekinesis. Robert can use this newfound power to solve puzzles and explore his surroundings, but doing so depletes his life-force. Which is the least of his problems when he realizes that he’s not alone on the island…duhn duhn duhn.


I mean, even the health and mana bars look similar…

Despite my snarky tone, I actually think Lethe’s physics-based gameplay looks pretty cool. Thanks to the dynamic interaction mechanics, you can do all sorts of badass stuff with your telekinesis. For instance, you can pick up a cardboard box, move it into a torch so it lights on fire, and then fling the flaming box somewhere! Not to mention the ability to alter gravity in real time. Badass.

You’re probably wondering where the Amnesia comes in. For starters, you don’t have a weapon with which to defend yourself. Like any good survival horror game, I imagine there will be plenty of running away and hiding from monsters. And, at least from the trailer, it seems that Lethe is at heart a mystery, the protagonist searching for clues about himself and his surroundings.

If you’re interested, you can vote for Lethe on Steam Greenlight.

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