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Amazon Prime Jumping Up by $20 Next Week


Amazon Prime Jumping Up by $20 Next Week

One of the best advancements of the internet in the past five years has been the emergence and rise of Amazon Prime.  For $80 a year (or half price for students), Amazon shoppers are treated to free two-day shipping on most orders as well as a solid selection of streamable movies and tv shows a la Netflix.  Amazon announced today, however, that the service is going to be increasing in price by $20, making it $99 a year ($49 for students).

Getting a subscription or free trial in the next week will automatically guarantee a lock-in at the current price, while current subscribers have until July 3rd to renew one last time with the current price.  It’s not very clear where the increase is coming from, though one has to suspect that the service runs Amazon quite a bit of scratch– plus those drones probably ain’t cheap either.

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