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Action RPG TinyKeep Announced


Action RPG TinyKeep Announced

Digital Tribe Games and Phigames announced today that TinyKeep will be their next game hitting Steam and “other major digital distribution channels this September.” TinyKeep features a main character that’s suddenly released from their cell deep within a dungeon with only a lantern and a letter. With no clue who just saved their ass, they must escape the dungeon. (At this point, I’d personally forget about finding whoever helped me and just get the hell out.)

Phigames says that what sets TinyKeep apart will be the AI, as they’re working on monster intelligence that reacts in an unpredictable fashion. Phil Dinh of Phigames goes on to say, “… Situations are created that have never been seen before in a game of this genre.

Alright, that may be talking up too much game, but we’ll see what comes of TinyKeep when it releases on Steam in September.

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